Vinyl Works

Vinyl Works is a new service we started to provide in 2018. Since July of 2017 we have been researching and testing the application and durability of vinyl patching on gi's. This is a fairly new method of representing sponsors and companies that have become popular on the competition and superfight circuits.

How does our sales process work?

Our pricing structure includes all shipping and all labor and materials to complete your patch design and application. You send us an email to start a dialogue regarding what your designs are and placements. We send you a USPS Priority package with a return label so you can insert your gi or gi's and drop them off at your local post office. They get sent to us and we design and press the patches for you. After your gi or gi's has been completed we send you an email with your tracking information and ship the gi back to you. We try to make this as painless as possible for you. 

Why should I use vinyl?

Vinyl patches have a very thin profile and maintain great color. Vinyl can also be layered allowing for multiple colors to be applied while still allowing the fabric to remain flexible. 

Traditional embroidered or cloth patches have been the standard for many years and used by athletes and gyms all around the world. There is nothing wrong with these forms of patching a gi, however, there are a few cons you may have experienced.

  • Thickness of the patch restricting movement and flexibility of the gi
  • Placement of the patch limiting movement or comfort
  • Cost of patch plus added cost of application
  • Patches quickly become worn or faded

Vinyl patching allows you to represent your gym and sponsors while maintaining the flexibility and integrity of the gi. You are able to apply patches in areas that would otherwise restrict movement or be uncomfortable. These patches are commercially heat pressed into the fabric and allow the athlete full mobility without restriction due to stitching. The colors stay vibrant and the patches are very durable. We have patches on test gi's that have are currently being used up to 5 hard training sessions a week and are holding up with no fading or peeling since being pressed in 2017. Our patches have held up in seminars all around the world and on the IBJJF mats. 


1 Patch - $110/per gi

2 Patches - $145/per gi

3 Patches - $170/per gi

4 Patches - $185/per gi

Additional Patches are $15 each/per gi

How to order

We allow customers to purchase as many patches as they need however we do have the following guidelines that must be followed.

  • You must have rights or permission from a rights holder to use the images you send over to patch a gi. We assume no responsibility for the legality of your use of the images and we assume you have legal rights to use the images.
  • We allow up to 4 layers of vinyl to be applied to a single patch. This does not mean 4 colors but up to 4 layers in a section of patch. This could mean you have multiple colors but they aren't all layered directly on top of one another
  • We can apply patches to any area of a gi including the inside, however, our outline template will have IBJJF legal areas outlined if you would like to stay legal within their requirements
  • We can do minor customization of artwork. Please have all images sent over in JPEG, PNG or PDF format

Please email us at to begin the ordering process or if you have any questions regarding the application or ordering program feel free to send an inquiry

Below are some examples of previous work. Please note that we do not own the rights to some of these designs and they were made with the permission of the design owner or licensee. Sleeve and Collar assume no responsibility for the usage of trademarked images and all responsibility falls on the customer to make sure they are eligible and allowed to use the images. The images posted below are only to show previous work and quality of our work