About Us

Who we are

Based out of the East Coast near Baltimore Maryland we are Gi and No-Gi practitioners with hobbies and backgrounds ranging from billiards to skateboarding and everything in between. Inspired by music, martial arts, and counter-culture in general Sleeve and Collar was created to outfit a generation of grapplers and hobbyists looking for clean, modern, active and casual wear without flashy decoration or advertising their BJJ.

Our Goals

As a brand, our focus is to make cool designs on quality products without having our name all over it. We want you to be our customer and not our advertising. We love Jiu Jitsu and would like to show it on and off the mat without the statement being "look at me, I'm a badass" or having our signature emblazoned all over. Our product lines are a direct result of the limited options available to consumers like us. 

Our Future

Founded in 2015 we will continue to bring new products and designs to the public. We have many different items and ideas we are working on and can't wait to share them with you. We will not be doing any preorders or low quantity items. We believe in everyone having an equal chance to get the gear and apparel they want. We will stock as inventory space allows and will place reorders on items that continue to sell. This means our store will always have our stock correct and you won't get an email regarding a product being on backorder. If it's on the site it's physically here in our warehouse and not being shipped over from some other part of the world. See you on the mats!