Why Read the Newsletter?

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Why Read the Newsletter?

The simple answer is this. Even if you follow our Facebook or like all of our photos on Instagram you won't be getting everything.

Why is that?

Well as stated earlier that is the simple answer. The complete answer is because the newsletter subscribers get our product news and store discounts before they are posted on any of our social media. We do and will continue to provide sales and ads on Facebook and Instagram in order to get more customers to see our brand and hopefully become a rabid fan but until then the die hards can all be found reading their newsletter subscription. 

What does it cost? Does it cost me anything?

It is 100% absolutely free. You don't even have to buy anything to sign up. Just click the black triangle at the top of your screen and submit your email address. That's it. We do the rest for you and by "do the rest" that doesn't mean you are going to get hit up every week force fed the same bullshit ads and click bait titles. We won't do any of that and you won't receive any of that

Then what will I get?

Easy, you will get knowledge of upcoming products before anyone else. You will also get the opportunity to purchase the same products before anyone else. In most cases, these products won't even be on the website for at least another week after the newsletter goes out giving you chance to order and wear it before the public even knows about it. 

Is that it?

Aside from the usual major updates and sales, we will do our best to not bother you. We don't believe that every small thing is newsletter worthy and that is what our social media for. The small stuff. Only the biggest and best content goes into our newsletter. You can check our blog and social media for everything else. 

So what now?

Well if you haven't yet, click that triangle in the corner that says newsletter and sign up. Don't expect anything to hit your inbox immediately though. Like we stated earlier only big news and product unveilings happen there. In the mean time, you can keep this a secret to yourself or you can share this message with your friends and get them in on the action as well (we really hope you choose option #2). Thanks and we will see you next week in the newsletter.


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