Weekend Reppin 10/7/17

IBJJF Charlotte Open Shogun Fights | Sleeve and Collar


This past weekend saw Sleeve and Collar flow grappler Dakota Wader take on the IBJJF Charlotte Open and we also sponsored professional MMA fighter Elijah Gbollie for an MMA event in Baltimore, MD named Shogun Fights

Charlotte also saw friend and team mate Argelio "Chapp" Chappotin compete in an Onyx gi reppin hard with some sweet vinyl patching as well. 

Dakota Wader was able to defeat his first round opponent but was unable to secure victory in the 2nd round of his Adult Purple belt division. With a first round "bye" this saw him on the 3rd place position of the podium. Not where he trained to finish but we think he will get that top view soon enough with the amount of work and effort he has been putting in. Soon enough that spot will be earned. 

Dakota Wader IBJJF Onyx Gi Charlotte Open | Sleeve and Collar

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Chapp IBJJF Charlotte Open Onyx Gi | Sleeve and Collar


Shogun Fights is an MMA event based out of Baltimore, MD. It is a part of the Alliance MMA network. 

It was a night of action packed entertainment featuring the regions top up and coming talent. Shogun Fights has featured many of the East Coast's best mma fighters and has hosted many fighters that have moved onto Bellator and UFC in their careers. Elijah Gbollie is a team mate of ours and asked to represent us during the lead up and into his bout this past weekend. We obliged and we are proud to say he was able to come out with a decision victory! Check him out and follow along to see where his career takes him. 

Elijah Gbollie Shogun Fights MMA | Sleeve and Collar

Thanks again for the opportunity to be featured on your shorts and banner Elijah!

Arrows Logo | Sleeve and Collar

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