Weekend Report

This past weekend was another Fight to Win Pro event. Fight to Win Pro 53 came through Maryland for the first time and landed in Frederick. Dakota Wader competed in a nogi match that he, unfortunately, came up short in. We are still working on our initial line of nogi gear so be prepared to see that pop up on your FloGrappling screens during these events. We also had a team mate compete wearing our Onyx gi as pictured below

Matt Fight to Win Pro Onyx Black Gold BJJ Gi | Sleeve and Collar

Matt Schellenschlager was able to walk away with the decision victory in his hard fought match. Check the archived footage on FloGrappling if you would like to watch either of these guys matches or any of the matches from that card for that matter. The entire card was stacked top to bottom. 

Support BJJ and your local grapplers by attending a Fight to Win Pro event when they come through your town. They put on a great show and you will not have a boring time. The rule set and production make for an exciting evening with very little boring or stalled matches. Showing your support will help the brand and sport grow. Thanks for your time!



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