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Just wanted to let you guys know that we have added a new partner for our products at Wanelo.co. As of this post they will list the Arrows Snapback Hat and the SCJJ BJJ Gi and our belts; we will update the store as we add our products to this site.

Here is a screenshot of our Wanelo page:

Sleeve and Collar Wanelo BJJ Jiu Jitsu

Now you may be asking yourself " What is Wanelo? " I know I did before I added them to our growing list of merchants. I took the time (copy pasta direct from Wanelo) to insert this for you:

Think of Wanelo as a mall on your phone, curated by people just like you. It helps you find the most amazing products in the universe. A regular mall has 150 stores, but on Wanelo you’ll find over 550,000 stores which include all the big brands you know, as well as tiny independent boutiques and sellers you’ve never heard of. 

Wanelo (“wah-nee-loh,” from Want, Need, Love) is also a way to search and follow all of your favorite stores in one place. It's used by millions of people who post tens of thousands of new products to Wanelo every day.

Wanelo was launched in 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California, on the western coast of the North American continent on the beautiful planet Earth.

Alright so what does this mean? Nothing for you guys. We pay a small fee when we sell items on their platform and in return we can get backlinks from them. In any case I thought I would let the readers (you) know about the additional sales channel.  



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