KiK Gift Bot

KiK is available on Android as well as iOS. It's hard to keep track of new social media trends and applications these days. It seems people frequently develop and test out new trends and functions forcing people to jump around if you are follwing somebody (not creepy) or want to keep in contact with them.

KiK is a new(ish) chat service that allows people to stay connected regardless of operating system and allows use of emojis, gifs, and bots. Bots are a neat concept and I'm not here to try and sell you KiK or any of it's products but if you are a user and happen to download the Gift Bot you will find that we have our products listed if we fit inside the requirements of your search. 

We are happy to find all these different avenues and outlets for us to list our products and hopefully get our brand out there. Thank you to the readers/customers for your support and thank you to the retailers and service providers willing to allow us on their platforms.

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