IBJJF comes to DC

IBJJF DC Open | Sleeve and Collar

This weekend marks the first time the IBJJF will come to Washington DC for the DC International Open. Although this tournament is actually happening in Hyattsville, Maryland just outside of DC. 

Sleeve and Collar will be there to take photos of competitors wearing our gi's and rocking our accessories so be prepared for the upcoming posts on our social media. As always you can follow along with the hashtag #sleeveandcollar or see the media page on this site. We try to keep it updated with shared content. 

If you or anyone you know is competing in their Sleeve and Collar gear be sure to tag us or use the hashtag. We love to see our fans in our stuff and we would love to share it with everyone else as well. 

In closing, good luck to all competitors this weekend. have fun!


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