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Conquest BJJ Gi Sleeve and Collar Store

Introducing our first retailer


Conquest BJJ in Millersville, MD has been and will continue to stock our core products in their retail lobby. You can also find our new products on the shelf there before they get uploaded to the website. We try to get items on the website as quickly as possible but due to timing many times they end up at retail locations before they are uploaded. 

Conquest BJJ in Millersville, MD located at:

311 Serendipity Drive, Millersville, MD 21108

We recently stocked the Onyx gi here and they have been selling our SCJJ gi since early this year. We are very happy to have them onboard as a stockist of our products and look forward to many years of growth along with them. If you are in the area please check them out. It will give you an opportunity to check out their facilities and programs and you can also try on of our gi's or many other items they carry in stock without fear of it not fitting and you can check the quality of the products first hand. It's not just our brand that they carry either. They also have their own in house items like shirts and gi's available along with assorted other popular brands such as 93 Brand, Bad Boy, etc.


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