Fight to Win 82 7/28/18

Fight to Win Pro returns to Baltimore with it's 82nd edition happening this Saturday evening live at UMBC.

Friend of Sleeve and Collar, Brad Pearson will be on the card competing against Philly's Tac Team standout Nicky "The Goon" Calvanese in what is sure to be an explosive match that will no doubt take place all over the F2W stage. You can watch live on FloGrappling or at UMBC.

Tickets are still available and if you are in the area we highly suggest going. Not only do you help support your local grapplers but an entertaining night of high energy grappling is always provided. 

The full fight card is as follows:

Main Event

205lbs Black Belt Gi

Tim Spriggs (TLI) vs Matt Leighton (Tipping Point BJJ)

Co Main Event

Brown Belt Light Weight Gi Title
Josh Pike (Team Passos) vs Aaron Brooks (Carlson Gracie BJJ)

Female Brown Belt Light Weight Gi Title

Vannessa Griffin (TLI) vs Maggie Grindatti (Fight Sports)

220lbs Black Belt Gi

Kenneth Brown (2nd Gear BJJ) vs Wilfredo Merino (Ml Combatives Academy)

205lbs Black Belt GI

Isaac July Jr (Big Brothers) vs Carlos Eduardo Placido Lima (Team Randori)

200lbs Black Belt Gi

Brad Pearson (Standard BJJ) vs Nick Calvanese (BJJ United)

180lbs Black Belt GI

Colin Stewart (Rmnu) vs Mark Vives (Bonsai Jiu Jitsu)

165lbs Black Belt NOGI

Brett Rainey (50/50 BJJ) vs Javier Cardozo (GFTeam)

145lbs Black Belt NOGI

Scott Dance (District Martial Arts) vs William Wolk (BJJ United)

195lbs Brown Belt GI

David Adams (Ground Control) vs Mike Stewart (Relson Gracie)

190lbs Brown Belt Gi

Chad Malone (Capital MMA) vs Josh Weinstock (Baltimore BJJ)

180lbs Brown Belt Gi

Andre Nascimento Gois (Alliance) vs Jaron Hampton (KOA Big Brothers)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi

Angelo Claiborne (TLI) vs Patric Mahoney (Alliance)

145lbs Brown Belt GI

Ellis Karadag (Method MMA) vs Anthony Garavalia (KOA Big Brothers)

145lbs Brown Belt Gi

Malachi Edmond (TLI) vs Jimi Hoctor (Evolution Fight Team)

130lbs Brown Belt Gi

Chris Tran (TLI) vs Jarrid Bosque (BJJ Conquest)

225lbs Purple Belt Gi

Jon Johnson (TLI) vs Gerg Stotler (Baltimore BJJ)

200lbs Purple Belt Gi

Dante Daniel Cano Jr (Alliance) vs Jonathan Grossman (Ground Control)

185lbs Purple Belt Gi

Haniel Lemus (Gumm Academy) vs Logan Yox (Relson Gracie)

185lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Shea Banks (Zero BJJ) vs Michael Angelo Kelly (Alliance)

175lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Edwin Albino (Zero BJJ) vs Aaron Perez (CPMMA)

175lbs Purple Belt Gi

Christian merino (ML Combatives) vs Derrick Holmes (TLI)

175lbs Purple Belt Gi

Steven Lawless (Yamasaki Academy) vs Nick Coviello (Capital MMA)

165lbs Female Purple Belt GI

Alex Coleman (Standard BJJ) vs Kayla Dehm (TLI)

165lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Francisco Isata (Standard BJJ) vs Vincent De Chacus (Evolve Academy)

165lbs Purple Belt GI

Byung Ju lee (TLI) vs Paul Lewandowski (Captial MMA)

155lbs Purple Belt GI

John Kermon (Captial MMA) vs Deivid Dias (GFTeam)

145lbs Purple Belt GI

Gannon Lang (Beta Academy) vs Rico Stanton (TLI)

135lbs Purple Belt Gi

Michael Mehl (BJJ Conquest) vs Cory Walker (TLI)

125lbs Purple Belt GI

Cary Caprio (2nd Gear BJJ) vs Tadiyah Danforth (Alliance)

120lbs Purple Belt GI

Roya Darvishian (TLI) vs TBA

145lbs Teen Blue Belt Gi

Carlos Heredia (GFTeam) vs Brian Anderson (TLI)

140lbs Teen Blue Belt GI

Noah Bokman (Yamaski Academy) vs Matt Salyers (3rd Generation BJJ)

125lbs Teen Bue Belt Gi

Angelica Wyche (GFTeam) vs Meghan Sirico (TLI)

100lbs Yellow Belt NOGI

Mia Galindo (ML COmbatives) vs Maxine Dizon (Standard BJJ)

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