Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale

This year we decided to Black Friday through Cyber Monday as an entire week from Wednesday to Wednesday starting and ending at midnight.

We are a little over halfway through the sale and things have been going great. To date we have completely sold out of the following:

SCJJ Gi - A1 Sold Out

SCJJ Gi - A2 Sold Out

SCJJ Gi - A3 Sold Out

Onyx Gi - A4 Sold Out

We also have very limited quantities of misc. belts and shirts etc. 

This years sale included the year's largest discounts as well as free shipping for all US orders. Our plan is to continue this trend of having our largest sales during this time of the year and allowing our customers to enjoy this lengthy sale to take advantage of the deals for themselves or for gifts. 

Thank you to all who participated.


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